Friday, December 11, 2009

Feel the pain get passed by an old guy

Well my half assed not going to save the world plan did work. Made my way down to Hardwood first thing in the morning. I figured that I might need to be fresh with energy for this. Looking at the conditions I thought maybe I'll just bring my skate skis, I'm only skiing for an hour. Yes, I am.

I guess not everyone was as anxious to get on the snow as I was. Oh there was this older guy there. A few hey what's up with Ben, Andrew and Jason and I decided it was time for the self abuse to begin. Music on, heart rate monitor on, poles on, I'm off. I'll be honest, 36 years of living in this area and I have never ever xc skied at Hardwood. This also meant I had know idea where the trails were an what the terrain would be like. Stuck to a medium difficulty loop that was 8km, not going all Olympic on the first time out.

So one thing about the trail coming out of the chalet, it is the same trail that we use for starts at mountain bike races. You remember, the one with wood chips. Well there were no wood chips to be seen but it hurt just about the same. It didn't take long for the heart rate to start going up, the breathing to start getting heavy and the speed to start slowing down. HMMM are these things to come?

Started to find a bit of a rhythm but the thought of stay aerobic pretty much went out the window. A few years ago I did a very short stint of running, ya then I woke up, but when I did I was doing the 10 and 1 system and it worked well for me. Well today it was ski till I could see the technique diminish have a short rest and repeat. It's a very interesting combination as the body goes farther anaerobic the bodies balance pretty much goes to shit. That would explained being cross eyed at the top of a climb.

When I was in a rhythm I found my 2 skate wasn't to bad, my 1 skate technique is pretty sketchy right now, as my ski endurance increases so does my tech skills. As I was playing around I heard these weird noises over the sounds of Rage Against the Machine. I'm about to be passed, it was that old guy from the parking lot. I let him go by and of course my racer boy mentality came on and I started to chase. On the flats I was slowly gaining, we hit a downhill section and I was gaining even quicker. I did a great job waxing, we then hit the next uphill and there was a gap, then a bigger gap then he was gone. Fitness is not as important as technique when it comes to skate skiing.

Continued along, alone, enjoying the sites and conditions. The trails were in great shape and well protected from that crazy wind. It was interesting noticing the different trail heads of the single track sections. Made my way back towards the chalet trying to get the 35 pounds of lactic acid out of my legs and my heart rate down to non race pace. Came across Jason and he asked how it was. The trails were great I was not.

Headed home after my planned hour, ya I didn't have any more in me, at least of skating. A little running around doing grown up things and then I found myself relaxing on the couch in the afternoon, this led from sitting, to laying down to falling asleep on the couch for an hour or so. I was actually feeling a little trashed from the morning of play. Altered my afternoon/evening plans because of that. The Molly Monster got a good walk and my legs needed the easy movements to feel better.

So my thoughts on the first ski, it was fun but like the first time big training block it always hurts. I'm thinking that I will be spending a good chunk of time on my classics and building my base that way. I honestly love my classics. Funny thing is I can almost go as fast on those as I can on the skates and I do it with less effort. I could get out again this weekend.
Well it's back to work today, only a 24 hour pass for a mid week break. It was a nice addition and that mid afternoon nap is always enjoyable. More tomorrow


Andy said...

sorry about that pass, i should have called it.

Matt Spak said...

Dude you look 10 years older than I am.