Friday, December 18, 2009

Stopped, Forced, Shut Down

It was not by choice but of course things happen for a reason and there must be one hell of a reason besides what I'm obviously seeing. It became a forced rest day, I could have trained after my little incident but I was pretty much in a pissed off frustrated mood and was not in much of a want to get out and do things type mood. The rest is probably a good thing though and I'm opting to take a couple more days off of training.

I've been fighting a cold the last few days and it did finally get to the point that I knew I should spend some serious couch time, of course fresh snow new toys and needing to destress with the Christmas season upon us I needed to do some thing active. The combination of Christmas shopping, dealing with crazy customers who are now in panic about their stove not working for Christmas even though it broke a month ago and they just called now and then of course it's coming up to the 6th year since my Dad passed away. All this is probably why my cold developed, can you understand why I was out beating the crap out of my body. Helps to step away from the world even for 2 hours.

Well yesterday added to my can we just get the first part of this holiday done mindset when one of my 4 wheeled toys broke. Managed to get home from the ordeal and will be calling the mechanic today but of course Christmas means shut downs for all so repair time will be delayed.

So why did Karma do this? Or was it Santa? Am I on the naughty list for going shopping for myself yesterday? Was it my coach doing some mantra/meditation thing telling me to rest?? Who knows but like a bad bike race you need to figure out what when wrong, learn from it, fix the result and then move on and deal with the next thing that happens.

As for the cold, it's set in pretty much the same way it did before the Hardwood Fall 8 hour. Hmmm maybe I should be training really, really hard since it seems that I ride really well when I'm as sick physically as I am mentally. I'm not a happy person when I'm sick, I don't know many people who are, it's a good thing it doesn't happen very often and in most cases it's something I've done during the recovery time that allowed my immune system to weaken enough to catch something. Yep, self inflicted just like a hangover. What ever I did must have been fun and now I'm paying for it.

On a high note I did test my light when I got home in the driveway. It works well. Really well and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to actually see what you are doing. I'll see what comes of the weekend. It's still endurance hours for a while. Lots of options depending on how I feel.

I'm done rambling, whining, bitching, complaining, sulking. Well at least for today. More tomorrow.

Oh, random thought. Sounds like Watson better start getting his creative writing skills going because like most Toronto Maple Leaf fans they jump off the band wagon really quick when they are sucking out. Welcome new readers to the steady and consistent team!!!

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