Sunday, December 20, 2009

A one geared zombie Christmas

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath. After my thoughts yesterday morning I most definitely needed to take more than one.

A late afternoon decision I headed out on the single speed to clear my brain. I have to admit that it was probably the perfect bike to do it. One gear equals no shifting which equals even less thinking. It was a ride that led me down some random road. Another reason to not think and just pedal. Coming up to the shortest day of the year I did start running out of daylight and another I didn't think or plan so went out with no lights. Only an hour but sometimes that is all it takes. This was not a ride for my body but for my spirit.

Looks like Georgian Bay is freezing over quickly, hopefully will be able to get some miles in out there. From there it was on to watching some seasonal theme movies at Ben's. . What seems more Christmas like than Zombie movies? Not just any zombie movies but THE zombie movies. Nothing like watching the originals. Of course this led to a larger dialogue from the viewing crowd than the movie itself as we all tried to up one another with our rolling commentary. Let's just say that we are no SciFi 3000 but we were a close second. Another good scene Interesting comparison. Mall scenes from Dawn of the Dead pretty much looked like a mall scene now with people wandering around aimlessly.

Thanks to a some good friends I'm feeling a little happier. Happy enough that I'm thinking I'm going to play in the snow for a few hours this morning with the Molly Monster. Time to get a little more jacked up on coffee before I head out.

More tomorrow

Thank you for the support everyone

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