Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Training for 2014

That's right, all this bike riding thing is just my off season base training for what my real goal is. The IOC is about to announce the list of new sports for the 2014 winter Olympics. They did have to drop a few to make some space so hockey and curling have been kicked to the curve. What will be the new sport that Canada may have a strong chance at dominating??? Snowblowing and shoveling. The true sport of Canada.

A few of the events will include the sprints, timed over a small driveway. Hurdles, same small driveway but with randomly placed frozen objects that must be avoid or the chance of auger jam could occur. Of course this is also a spectacular event when objects are shred and spread if the competitor nails the perfect line. There will also be the artistic events, pretty self explanatory but these will not be highlighted to much. Back to the real events. The big draw and this is the one I'll be going for, the Marathon. With my driveway I'll be ready for sure as I managed to take 5 minutes off my PBR last night, the snow was light. Yep, I love Canadian winters.

I did do some cross training last night with 2 hours on the rollers watching the extras of Offroad to Athens. The girl was unable to play last night so I was riding alone with my thoughts, ya see what happens when my mind gets to wander. Heather has not cracked the whip on me yet with some intervals but I did play a little ladder game up into some tempo work. The good thing is that I'm not wanting to tear my hair out while riding indoors. 2 hours and I mentally could handle more, this is an important thing at this point with the long snowy months to come. I'll be honest, you probably won't hear about me skiing for 4-5 hours straight any time this winter, I don't like skiing THAT much.

The highlight of the ride?? I crashed!!! Screwing around not paying attention I turned my upper body way to far to reach for a towel and my bike decided to drift a little bit the other direction. I didn't go down but the bike did. Let's just say that I was happy to be able to get out of the pedals quickly.

This is not the first time I've crashed on the rollers. A couple years ago I went down hard. I had the projector and big screen out and was watching an Everest documentary while riding. As they panned across the mountain my eyes followed, then my head, then my body. Of course that was all it took to send the bike off the edge of the rollers. Unable to catch my balance and get clipped out I fell into the couch with an outreached left arm. A sprained wrist was the result of that crash. I no longer watch the huge screen, currently in the sun room I have a 18 monitor which is perfect for keeping me looking forward.

Just heard the news, another 30cm of snow today, looks like another training day. I need to be ready for the Olympic qualifier. I've heard rumours that the Jamaicans are putting a team together, we all know what happen the last time that happened.

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