Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end to start a new beginning

2009 is pretty much over, I think today will fly by. I'm looking back at the year thinking not bad, not to bad at all. Of course like every year it seems that at the beginning of the season it seems like a long season by the end it goes by really quickly.

Sitting here thinking about what is up for 2010 and I look at all the races and all the training ahead , again it will be another busy year. New focuses, same ideas, hoping for as good or better results. It will be fun regardless.

As for New Years resolutions, drink left coffee?? Hell no!!!!

Yesterday was a mix bag of training. Took the Molly Monster out to Copeland Forest for a good long ski. Opted for my race classics just in case I happen to come across some random track set. It was a little more work keeping the ski tracking, narrow skis are a little less stable on off groomed trails. Spent the first hour on some pretty level ground, nothing to spectacular, just some good base miles. Molly was setting a pretty good pace.

Made my way towards the hills of Copeland for the second hour with some good long climbs on things like Mile High and The Wall. Fitness on the skis is showing up, was able to stay in mid and upper aerobic zones for the climbs. Of course the downhills still got the heart a pumping. A few random soft sticky patches of snow worked great at slowing down one ski as the other accelerated. This led to my first real fall of the year. At least it was on a steep enough hill that it didn't hurt much except for some pride.

A good solid two hours of skiing and I was home bound. A few hours later I bundled up and headed out for an hour on the single speed. The plan was to scope out a route for the snowshoe tonight. Yes a bunch of drunk cyclists heading into the woods at night. It will be interesting. Another play ride on winter single track, snowmobile trails. Route is set, sorta. Only saw one sledder out there, probably doing one of those WTF seeing me out there.

Well this is the last post for 2009, All 291 of them are still below for those that will be hungover tomorrow and want to read a headache stopper. Wow, I didn't think that I would have that much to say, most of the time I don't shut up.

Happy New Years everyone!!!

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