Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday into the abyss

Went into the weekend a little different, instead of my normal Friday night of banking, grocery and all the other grown up things I normally would do. After the week I had with the crazy people out there I needed a little fun time. Loaded up both my single speeds, lights and warm clothes, picked up a friend that had never ridden at night and we were off into the cold.

8th line is a great place to first time ride at night, not a lot of climbing, not to technical etc etc. A little adjustment of the NRS with some flat pedals added and we headed out. This also gave me a chance to ride my 29er which has been sitting for way to long. We cruised around for just over an hour, the one thing I did make a mistake about on the ride. I forgot that my intensity would be way down which meant my extremities would get cold a little quicker.

When is the last time you have ever felt the cold in a body part that made you sick to your stomach? For me it's been a long time but it brought back memories of teaching and coaching alpine skiing. Our wonderful high density plastic race boots that were so tight and had such a thin liner that keeping your feet warm was almost impossible if you were just standing on the hill for hours on end. I do remember one time where I was ready to break my ankle just to get my foot out of those rock hard minus 30 frozen boots because of the pain. Well that is almost how my fingers felt last night near the end of the ride. Why was I not that smart to wear warmer gloves. Because I was nice and let her use them.

Besides that is was a great way to start a weekend of mental de stress, lots of riding to be done. There has been a full moon which did seem to make sense on why and what was happening. After this week I came up with this thought. The human species is the only species that doesn't let natural selection do it's thing by killing of the weak and Stupid.

Off for a ride.

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