Saturday, December 26, 2009


I know I know but what can I say, I've been a little busy. Some of it has been training, some of it has been house work and some of it' Christmas stuff. So backing up a few days.

Wednesday was spent running around like a lunatic on the last day of work. Lot's of procrastinating people who then expect a Christmas miracle to get their appliances working before the big dinner. The funny thing is that most of them broke many weeks earlier. Will I was the hero to most and the barer of bad news to a couple. Sorry to those but if I could pull a main control board out of my ass you would have been fixed. There were a few people that I wanted to tell them to get their own heads out of their asses. I don't have much self control but it is Christmas.

So the best way to finish the day is to get as far away from the work world as possible. Ok well for this experiment it meant the forest behind my coach and Jason's place. A wander up and down the hills with some bushwhacking sections made for a good 2 hour snowshoes with the dog's. Lot's of which way should we go now type direction, the best type. Finished up the day with my last minute Christmas shopping. Hey I'm male, what were you expecting.

Thursday found me doing the running around like a madman first thing in the morning followed by a quick trip to Copeland for an hour ski with the dog. I think the ski was more for the Molly Monster than me. Finished up feeling pretty good with the climbing that was done. I opted for a very hilly route, grip wax was questionable to say the least and being only an hour I didn't bring my wax pack. Figures.

This is where the fun begins. So Christmas dinner was at my place this year. HMMM well the kitchen reno has been planned for a few weeks now. A week off work give me lots of time to do it. Hey, look at that bottle of wine that has just been opened. One of the worst combinations, alcohol, home reno project and extra energy. Lets just say that I should have went for a 4 hour ski to kill that.

With just over 24 hours before dinner here I am tearing out 2 out of the 3 lower counters. Everything but the kitchen sink. Now the fun of an old 1930's home is the construction. Lets just say that a bomb could go off in this house and nothing would move. Everything is solid. This meant trying to remove the old cupboards with very minimal damage was a little nerving. It was to the point that if I couldn't get the first one out safe and intact I would have to modify my plans accordingly. Old marble counter tops are awesome and I wanted to reuse as much as possible.

Once the cabinets were out of the kitchen this lead to the new floor going down. MMM wine is helping. The house is looking like a disaster at this point with parts of the kitchen in the dining room and the fridge in the spare bedroom. Maybe we will have to order pizza for dinner. I was far from streesed at this point of the evening. A few hours later I was ready to crash and burn hard but the new cork floor was done.

Christmas morning meant a pot of coffee to kill the hangover and even more focus than the night before. The night before was alcohol motivation now it's coffee based panic. I motored steady. Now one of the highlights of my house was that everything was designed for short people. I guess int eh 30's nobody was above 5 foot 5 so every cabinet is low. Well having a family of what giants according to the 30's height requirements I had to make a booster seat for the cabinets. The whole time I'm swinging the hammer I'm staring at the clock. Perfect it's still flashing 12:00 on the stove which means time is standing still right????

Things started to fall into place and by 1 pm I had the kitchen very use able and the house back to clean, less than an hour later the family showed up to ohh and aww over what has been done. Move over Mike Holmes. Of course I'm still not done but I thought a half way cut down wall would probably be harder to deal with. That is still to come.
Great dinner, gained some weight. Means I'll be getting on the bike shortly for a long ride. Unfortunately it will be indoors. It's currently pouring rain. I'd planned on skiing this morning but I don't have a grip wax that works in rain and Molly is looking pretty content on the couch. My dvd collection has been increased again so it's looking like I'll be at the bike drive in, need to burn off what I consumed so I can do it again tonight.

More excitement tomorrow!!! Time to ride.

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