Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting ready for the long haul

After the last blast of beautiful weather and the prediction of snow I thought I would do what I can to screw up Mother Natures plan again.

It was an off the bike night, spent the time being productive though. After nearly 2 hours of yoga I was feeling pretty good afterwards. I've been having a few hip flexor problems the last couple weeks but they are starting to get back under control. One of those strange things that always happens at this time of the year. The time when you start to pick up the training but also forget how much time is spent doing recovery and forget to incorporate that in the day. Ya, it was self inflicted.

It was then down in the dungeon (basement) to get the road bike cleaned up after that wonderful Sunday ride on it. I looked at old faithful and said sorry as I pulled the pretty deep dish wheel off the back and could hear a small whimper as that ugly heavy wheel approached. One gear only on a wheel that I swear almost weighs as much at the bike. Why one gear, well that wattage trainer works way to well that shifting is useless, I have the 39 for the lower warm up wattage of under 180 and then that 53 for everything else. No point on wasting a cassette.

Old faithful looked at me again with that look saying WHY????? as I strapped her to the vomit machine where she will sit for the winter. Sorry. I then walked away to get my other setup ready for the snow. My 29er which has been collecting an excessive amount of dust and needing a little tlc. A few minor adjustments and it's ready for the snow. For those days when I feel the cross bike may be a little to sketchy to ride. Those 2 foot snow dumps etc, arg the thoughts of that.

So the master plan of all this stuff. The last time I put the road bike on the trainer, about 3 weeks ago all thoughts of snow went out the window. To add one more wrench in the spokes, my snow blower is up and ready to roll also. Winter can come and I'm ready, Give me your best shot. Maybe I should take it one more step beyond and get the storage wax of the skate and classic skis and pull the snowshoes off the wall. Poke, poke poke, Mother Nature.

Gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

That made me sad. Bikes have feelings, you know. Poor road bike.