Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Altered a little

The body was a little mad at me yesterday. Completely understandable, so instead of the planned power starts which every joint in my lower body screamed NOOOO! I decided for a spin up to Honey Harbour and back to see what spring looks like up there.

The sun was out and it felt like spring even with that steady wind which of course was a head wind on the way up. I really didn't care though. Stayed in the 39 for the ride up to soften the lower body. It was a nice change not wearing thick layers for a change. Of course in my thinnest I still needed some arm and knee warmers.

Actually it was more to save the world from blindness with my pasty white albino skin. Just a little at a time.

Took a quick glance around once I rolled into town. Right now things in Honey Harbour are dead. No ice for sleds and to early for boating. Or so I thought.

Yes that is a boat of the 9th green. I watched them smash through the ice a little bit till common sense told them that the ice may still be a little stronger than the hull of their boat. No I didn't play around of mini putt.

The return trip was interesting and fun. I opened things up in both the legs and the bike. Staying at the top of my zone two, with a tail wind I found the fun side of the big ring and was cruising in the upper 40's. The bike feels so amazing, I was smiling the whole time.

I'd decided that a long cool down would be a good thing so once I hit Port Severn I would spin the rest of the way home. This meant a few minutes break to check out things.

I think this could be a new Giant ad. Out of the wind I could feel my energy being sucked out of me, I could have hung out on the rock for a few hours. Or till the sun went down. Didn't take long before the stomach rumbled, spun out the last 15 minutes. 1:40 of non trainer/roller/cold riding. Legs are feeling much better this morning. Another long ride planned for today that could be finished with a beer or two. It is St. Patty's day!!!

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