Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The couch was calling

And I listened, as much as the temptation was there to go and play in the trails with the boys for the weekly MNS ride I used the excuse of a broken wheel, my dog ate my homework and I have a note from my Mom. The simple answer was I was tired from the weekends activities and with one more build week ahead some chill time was needed.

Of course me being the busy beaver that I am I couldn't fully crash and burn for the evening with out some sort of production. A little more work was done in the kitchen as the count down of inside renovations comes to an end and the outdoor projects begin. I have this rule about when certain renos should be done. By the time the last granular of snow has melted any indoor construction comes to a screeching stop until the fall, or rainy days. A little bit of trim work was all that was needed to keep me content for the next few months.

Sneaking in a mid week day off today, some major construction on the shop to be started and with great weather in the forecast I'm hoping to get a big chunk of the work done before the end of the long weekend. The count down to the race season is on, only a couple more weeks till the first race which will be out in Mansfield area. 50 km will be a great way to test the legs. I'll be attempting to battle it out with Jacob and Tristan at this one.

Coffee to drink, gotta run

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