Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weapons of choice

I knew that it was a little to good to last and I was forced back inside last night. I coulda played out in the rain but it was one of those workouts that you just don't want to become miserable doing. So it was back to the hamster wheel from hell, like the just in case prep like not taking snow tires off the truck or fully putting the snowblower away, things were still setup and ready to puke.

After making my legs feel a little jello like the bigger project began. What would that be, it's making the Chuck bike even tougher. I know, I know it's hard to beat it right now. Actually this project is more to help separate the other TCR's that seem to be in our group.

First up was streamers??? NAH, to much drag, it was stripping out the black cables for the pretty new white ones.

This actually took longer than I thought because I ended up changing all the cables as well as the housings. After a little bit of patience's things were going back together.

Next up came the new real toughen things up addition. That little yellow thing has purpose. The purpose according to Andrew is it shows you when you are slacking. Great, no more coasting. It's also going to give me something else to stare at for hours on end both on the bike and then on the couch with the laptop. Great, I'll get nothing else done now.

A little bit of tuning and everything was back together and ready to rip for tonight's ride. The changes, just subtle stuff but, seat, bars, tape, and cables are now in white. Will it make it faster, probably not. Will it make it tougher, hmmm tough call. Could it be Christopher Walken tough? Maybe, I just know it's my weapon of choice. Will find out how it works tonight, the sun has reappeared for the day.

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