Monday, March 29, 2010

Ride, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

And then crash and burn. I'm tired, it was a busy weekend between riding and house domestic stuff. After studying the previous days ride I determined that I had the intensity training in and that Sunday's ride could be a little more sane.

My original plan went out the window when I snapped a spoke nipple on the hardtail 30 feet down the driveway. Being that was the only mountain bike that is ready to ride (or that I want to take out at this point) my plan to ride to Copeland, check out the conditions and return home wasn't going to happen. I could have fixed the wheel in a reasonable amount of time but there were predictions of rain and I knew I would but rubbing the curve on time.

Quick change and back out on the TCR with a half way figured out route. Started out with a nice tour along the rail trail. There was some purpose in the ride so tour meant not riding at vomit pace, The rail trail was perfect for me to play a bit with the powertap. Smooth, flat trail made it easier to settle in on a specific wattage. Still learning to set things up and one factor is it's reading time, need to change it.

Made my way to the backside of Midland for what used to be a long climb behind Mountainview. Let's just say I was laughing at the top after the previous days ride. It was so short in comparison my legs even tired felt strong. With the slightly warmer conditions the speed seemed to increase which meant more distance in a set time. After taking the long way around Penetang followed by the old Midland Triathlon road route I made my way back home with 73 km's in 2.5 hours. The rain rolled in not to long afterwards.

If this weekend was epic the talk of the plans for next weekend are sounding historical. Fixie ride for beer, group road ride for beer, regular training possibly followed by beer. Luckily it's a 4 day weekend. For now it's back to work.

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