Friday, March 19, 2010

As the cranks don't turn

That was the extent of the day for me. Work and then riding the couch. What is the result of that? Feeling not to bad this morning. Of course I will be taking it easy again today. It's a scheduled rest or active recovery day. With the weekend though comes the crap weather. That could be a good thing and keep me to only training and not trying to take on the outdoor to do list.

With the extra time on the couch I stared at the laptop a little longer than normal and came across this race. Dan did a great job with the marathon series last year, now the plan is to run some short enduro style races to help get fresh faces in to the mountain bike scene. This is a great thing and I'll do what I can to support him. The first event is in Mansfield in mid April.

With the way this winter was by then the trails will be amazing. I've never seen winter go away so quickly but when there really wasn't much of it to start with. Georgian Bay is pretty much clear now, all the snow in my yard except for the high banks I created with the snowblower are all gone. I drove past Copeland forest yesterday on the low side and there was still a fair bit there but it's one of the last places to clear and with the rain coming it won't take long. All this and it's only the middle of March.

Last season I went to the southern trails of Ontario in April to get a little preMansfield Ontario cup training in since we were still dig out here. This year could see a good couple weeks of single track skill acquiring before they are even needed. I'm not complaining, looks like I won't get one more skate ski in this year. Weekend project, storage wax.

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