Friday, March 5, 2010

Altered plans

So amongst my friends there continues to have this so called Man Ride challenge on who can step things to the next level. I have this great plan and route laid out, the cross bike ready to roll with lights, the clothing laid out that I was going to need etc. Then I got home early from work and said screw that I'm going to ride in the sun for as much as I can.

I'd figure I'd be rolling in the door at my typical 4:30 5 pm be on the bike by 5:30 which meant dark by 6:30. That meant another 3 hours in the dark and cold, well when it was 3 pm and the sun still high in the sky I was not going to man up and sit there waiting for it to get cold and dark.
This also meant another adventure on the TCR Advanced. According to Jacob his TCR is fast than mine. I'd question that one but mine definitely can go farther. Headed south on HWY 12 towards Orillia. This has actually become an amazing road since the last 2 years of work done. Super wide shoulder and a rumble strip between the road and shoulder. Add in the fresh pavement and a couple long steady climbs and it's perfect. I had no real direction in mind, more a play it as it comes and see what time it is. Those can be the best rides.

Made my way out to Oro again for some more hills, I took the easy lines today. I could feel yesterdays hills in the legs. The wind was going to be a factor for my loop, it makes you fast in one direction but really slow at other times and I was not sure how slow it may make me so took the 7th line and headed back north towards the ski hills. You of my thoughts for my road rides this year will be routes with very little population, this means I can sing to myself and not offend anyone, or worst get caught by some random pedestrian and get some weird looks.

I'm also planning on riding on as many roads that I've never been on before. Google maps and Map my Ride are going to be my friends this summer. The reason for this is to come across more things like this.

Besides the awesome art work you will notice that it is not bright. The sun was out but getting very very low. My little watch still said more time needed. From where I was I started to make some lefts and rights on roads that I knew how much time it would add. Of course I was starting to battle the cold with my hands and feet. This is the problem of early spring, when that sun goes that temperature drops like a rock. Dressing for the occasion is hard. Well I listened to Mr. Watson one trick and tried it out tonight. Those little hand warmer packages work. They take a little while to warm up but once they are ripping my hands were toasty.

The sun was gone now and a quick stop to pull out my headlamp for the last 45 minutes. Repositioned the hand warmer in my booties to make my feet all happy and I spun back towards home. 3:45 on the bike, 96km and the same amount as climbing as yesterday. 8 hours on the TCR and I'm loving it more and more. Another 8 in this weekend. Today is a rest/play day that may include a bunch of bikes and a bmx. More on that tomorrow.

As for Dr. Watson's comment on Mr. Watson. Be nice, his trip down south has given all of us stuck at home the most amazing riding weather. His loss are gain. Thanks Andrew.

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