Thursday, March 11, 2010


There was something strange about last night. The usual things to get prepped to go, it's taking less time to get ready to ride now,it's not how many layers will I need anymore. Had a very small to do list from the coach so decided to leave all the skinny wheeled bikes at home and just sort of play. Out came the hardtail. I normally hate riding a mountain bike on the road, the list why are long but for some reason it just felt like the right choice before I even left.

Headed north up the service road towards Port Severn, just spinning the legs and looking around. There was still something strange about the evening that I couldn't put my finger on. I took care of Heathers requests quickly and then began to play. How can you play while riding the road, well some random snowbanks happen to be ridden to start. I was just in that type of mood where I needed to keep thing light. It seemed to go with the evening.

I made a quick stop at the bay, just soaking in things. The control dams were running pretty sane, with the lack of snow this year I think the Bay may be down a little bit this year. Continued on going left and right down random roads till the end. A little technical riding on what was left of the snowmobile trail. I knew there was a reason to be on the fat tires tonight.

As I made my way back home I was still trying to figure out what was in the air. Some people were out walking their dogs, that's nothing new. I smelt a couple bbq's, of course that is a wonderful smell. As I was making one of the last turns before my driveway I figured it out. It was the wind, the temperature, and the air. It felt like summer. I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. On this flat section right along Georgian Bay is where I noticed, the wind was warm. Almost a summer like breeze. With a few traces of sun left it felt like the tail end of a long June ride. Spring is upon us, summer is not that far away.

This turned out to be more of a ride for my soul than for my body. I felt lighter for the rest of the evening, what started out as a training ride turned more into a reminder. Have fun, enjoy the things around and even more important be aware of all the little changes. Those little changes can be more rewarding.

It's a non training day for me, I'll be enjoying it.

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