Saturday, March 6, 2010

We came, We saw, We got showed up again!!!!

Somehow I was able to play a little hooky from work yesterday, Not 100 percent free in clear but early enough to plan a crazy busy day. The boys showed up at my place fairly early for both of them, some jig saw puzzling and somehow managed to get to xc bikes and a bmx in the back of the Audi. After more coffee, some save the world conversations etc we hit up the Toronto Bike show.

So if you want to be in a candy store of cycling, this would be the place to go. Of course keeping your head straight is important. Saw a few of the drool over bikes. There were deals to be had if you were really looking, me I guess I'm not much of a shopper, I'd rather not search just walk in and get what I want rather than trying to remember where I saw this and it was cheaper at this place type. I did score a sweet upgrade for the TCR in the line of handlebars. A nice set of Zipp carbon bars was all that was needed. I'm winging it with the seat for a little longer to see if my ass will change shape and like it.

After a few hours of over stimulation of gear we were car bound again. Next stop, Joyride 150. Lot's of playing around. I managed to crash no more than 10 minutes after getting on the bmx. It's so tiny and I found myself way to far forward. It was fun, I would rather get all my crashing out of me at this place than during the race season. I started to slowly get the feel of the bike. It did become more and more fun. Jumping took the longest to get used to but once you figured out the balance on it, it's so much more fun than a xc bike.

With hit up the foam pit, check out Tristan's videos. Jacob came close to a back flip. On the bmx you get so much more air. I hit once and as I'm stalled up in the air I thought I would do a front flip, hey I'm so high I got time. Half way through my forward rotation I connected with the foam, head first, I went so far down that I was actually stuck. I was concerned for my life, that all the foam blocks would start closing in even more and things would just go black. Of course I was laughing the whole time.

There were a few blast on the xc loop. Jacob pulled a 2:09 and Tristan had some controversial time that may or may not count. There was another rip on the track before calling it a night, this time with me in chase on the bmx. Pulled a low 2:20's time and this included me running the bike up the climb. Bmx's do not climb well. The long drive home was a little shorter because of a challenge, I missed it by 1 minute. Another successful adventure of bikes sorts, something to keep the hours of training in check with a few hours of play.

The sun is up and it's looking like it will be that way all weekend, I'll be heading out this afternoon for some more road miles and tanning. More later.

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