Thursday, March 25, 2010

No tittle, just riding

Had another great ride yesterday. Jumped on board the TCR and headed south. My main thought of the ride was to cruise past Copeland forest. After the play time on Monday night my craving to ride on narrow, dirt covered roads called single track has increased dramatically. I think the Molly Monster is looking for another good run also.

I tried to take the least hilly way I could find. It's not to say I don't like hills but these are a little bigger than I had planned for the ride. Some random lefts and rights on roads with no names (they do, I'm just not telling) had me with one last decision. Do I ride along Ingram and have to turn around when the pavement stops or do I suck it up, go up Mt.St. Louis road and make a loop. Of course I took the loop idea. Legs felt a little fatigued on the climb but overall not to bad.

After a fun decent with some strategically placed sand patches to avoid I rolled into the parking lot of Copeland. It's looking good, limited how far I rode in on the skinny tires. A route by mountain bike may need to be set for some investigative trail searching in the next couple weeks. Continued along and headed south to the hills of Horseshoe doing the same thing avoiding the steepest route, it's an endurance miles day, cut me some slack. A few more random turns and I found myself close to Orillia. One more left turn and I headed towards home.

Whack, that is what the wind felt like once out in the open. Most of the time I was in valleys or protected by trees, not on Hwy 12 and I was heading face on into the wind. No big ring on the smooth pavement. The long decent, 3-4 minutes just north of Warminster where I normally hit close to 70 km/h coasting was cut back to barely over 30 km/h with me pedalling. Ya it was one of those winds. It's resistance training right!!! As I made my way along the last few km. the sun started to drop and so did the temperature. My thoughts of adding a little distance disappeared as fast as the feeling in my hands. I was dressed right, prepared for the drop and even had the chemical hand warmers in my jersey ready to go but I wasn't going to open them for 20 minutes of time.

Back in the driveway at 2:45, I'm starting to notice on how windy this spring has been. I'm not complaining, normally I'd still be riding on muddy, snow covered roads at this time with no chance of even wandering into the woods. A little wind is the least of my concerns. It's better than the Hamster wheel from Hell.

Eat, sleep, repeat tonight.

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Tristan Spurr said...

your not fat enough to do that speed down a hill coating...