Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Boring, I know

Time is limited this morning, I've been racking up as much sleep as possible. It's hard to make myself go to bed and break my routine. With the rest week upon me not much in the riding front happening. Almost an hour and a half of yoga and foam roller time has me closer to my normal height.

A little bit of bike clean up on the cross bike. With a possible long group ride this weekend the thought of having a big ring on the bike again seemed a little important. 34-12 could have me spinning like a mad man in certain situations. I've been lazy with photos the last while, my bad. It would save my fingers some abuse.

The next project on the agenda was my Friday night investment from the bike show. The stock Giant bar was pretty good, light and the shape wasn't pad but me being that weird guy with my hands it just wasn't perfect. Those that have seen my bikes know I have that huge grip build up. I have big hands, it's more comfortable. Well the Zipp contour is a wing bar, oh did I mention that I could feel the weight difference. Obviously it's not going to make me going any faster but speed is only one part of it.

Some rain in the forecast, equals cleaner roads. Finally hooked up the speed and cadence sensors for the hr laptop. Not having to clean the bike after every ride would be a nice change. Time for that work thing. I'll try and be exciting tomorrow

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