Monday, March 8, 2010

A little disappointed

Headed out early for my ride yesterday. Feeling a little draggy but in good spirits. A good warm up with a tail wind and it was then a "let the hills begin" starting right up Vasey line. The plan was to go almost to the end and then start hitting up all the side concessions to get my time and climbs in.

Things were going really well, lots of ups, lots of downs until I had the final down. It wasn't supposed to be the final down but it just ended up that way. I was about an 1:45 into the ride when I felt a weird amount of float in the bike. Glance down and see the back tire is not looking much like 110 psi anymore. Hey I remembered to put the tool bag on, no worries. Out comes the tube, pump etc etc. Start into not a record pace tire change and when I went to burp the no tube I know I was in trouble. The co2 cartridge and the pump didn't want to work together. Shit, played with it for a few more minutes before pulling out the cell phone. Thanks so much to Meg for coming and getting me. So this is the good side.

Now my disappointment begins with the amount of cars that went by and no one slowing down. I started to walk back toward the main road and the small town of Vasey. Still everyone went flying by, the worst was an old guy that i had to jump off the road onto the shoulder because he came pretty dam close. There was no reason for it, no on coming traffic for him. What added to the disappointment in society was that it was Sunday morning around 11 am and a certain thing had just left out. I won't even continue on that point so i don't offend anyone.

30 minutes or so later I was home and getting changed. I called it a day, my body was tired. Sent some info to the coach involving this last training block, then spent the rest of the doing the last of the grown up things I needed to do before relaxing in the sunroom for a couple movies and a couple glasses of wine. This week is going to be very low key on the training front which is great, have some bike work to do, house work to do, sleeping to do. I'll be taking full advantage of the down time and also laying in the sun trying to get rid of that pasty white skin on my legs.

Off to work.

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