Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's that time

Well Monday has come and gone and all the signs of spring are beginning to show up. The clearer roads, the warmer sun, the melting snow, dead skunk on the side of the road. I even saw a couple Canadian Geese heading in the right direction. This also meant the MNS crew is now on hold for a few weeks. It's that transition time of year.

Unless Mother Nature brings back winter in full force with feet of snow, she does have a sick sense of humour, my snowshoes are officially away for the season. The skate skis may make one last hurray appearance for a Georgian Bay ski but with the look at the weather that is even looking doubtful.

This is almost a tougher time of year than the fall. There is so much anticipation of what is to come that spring clean up seems to come along at a snails pace. The schedule of of the first race only a few weeks away but yet the snow is still stopping any trail riding. All those months of training alone will finally be able to be tested in the first group road rides. Melt dammit!!!!!!!

It's been an easy winter for sure, I live in the heart of the snow belt and lets just say that it won't take long for this to go, we have lost lots of snow already in the past few days of warm and sun. I'm just anxious, most times time seems to fly by, right now it seems like it's standing still.

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