Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's official

I'm not sure when you may think the official 2010 season begins but your wrong. It started last night. It was the first Monday Night Something back on bikes of the season. Are normal apres race weekend ride that must be in ridden by lights and supposedly on singlespeed. We were 50/50 on the singlespeed thing last night.

Some may call it a large group some a small but there were 4 of us plus the Molly Monster. A slight reroute to start the ride but let's just say it was a little bit of a reality check. It's been a long winter and things like bunny hopping, tight switchback turns and even keeping traction are just things you don't seem to be able to practice on the trainer or rollers. You can but you do look a little stupid turning while stationary. I have a few basic skills to refresh.

Road the bike I plan to race Ontario/Canada Cups on. Thought it would be good to get a little feel for it again. I like the setup but found that semi slicks are not the greatest thing on ice. Molly took her place taking up the rear making it impossible for someone to slow up. There were a few comments made on the pace of what is normally a chill ride. Of course that didn't make anyone slow down. Molly also started to short track the route, if it's not taped it's fair.

A few highlight included seeing a headlamp turned and facing the wrong direction as someone attempted to move a few of those fallen branches a little farther into the bush and then the real king of the mountain competition with attempts up the side of the last pile of snow in Simcoe County. The trails were in fantastic shape. A few sections of ice but in most cases everything was dry. Only a couple new tree falls from the winter but nothing that actually slowed any of use down.

I'm assuming that Jacob, Tristan and Andrew will all put their versions of the evening up in writing. I'm still smiling from my first playtime on the trails of the season. Will make tonight's cruel indoor workout a little more bearable knowing what is coming.

Less than a month out now until the first race. The way time goes by lately that will only few like a couple days. That long race season seems to fly by once it starts, like last year it's another busy one.

Let the 2010 season begin!!!

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