Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have a problem, some may say it's not a problem but it can be. I'm a worker. I have a hard time not doing, something. This makes recovery time a little difficult sometimes. Of course having the list that includes a physical job, a huge yard, a big house and an under construction shop all with a to do list attached to their tags. Well things caught up with me.

I was feeling draggy on Tuesday from the combination of the weekend of moving and daylight savings time. I could see it at the end of the ride on Tuesday, part of the reason I took it easy for most of the ride and had a long cool down. Well yesterday I was just down right exhausted. Of course the timing was not exactly ideal. I was home early from work and had time for a nice long ride in the sun. Headed out and no more than 15 minutes out I was decided to call it and turn around. Something about yawning and trying to keep the eyes open while in forward motion were good signs to take the day off. Rolled back to the house 45 minutes after I headed out. Why can't I feel crappy when the weather sucks!!!

Now the problem starts, I know I needed to just relax. BUT, it was so nice outside and I have so many projects to do that next thing I know I'm carrying heavy items out to the shop and starting to scrap old paint of the storm windows etc. I finally yelled at myself to stop, yes I had to yell because a stern voice just wasn't cutting it. Made my way into the sun room for a movie and less than an hour later I was wandering up to bed. It was dark so it was allowed. Got close to 10 hours sleep and will be playing it by ear for today's ride.

With racing coming up quickly the thoughts of getting in as much training as possible constantly return but yet being tired turns it into a waste of time. I think there will be a little more yelling at myself over the next couple days. I won't loose what I've gained over the course of a couple days of extra rest. Plus I swear I feel less drained after an 8 hour race than I did during that move. I think I get to coast more in the trails.

I could find myself out for an easy spin on the rail trail with the fixie tonight instead of riding the Chuck Norris bike. More excitement tomorrow. I hope!

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