Saturday, March 20, 2010


I somehow managed to sleep in today. Breaking routine is always a good thing. Not a lot happening in the exciting world I call my life. Body is feeling better today except for the minor issues of over consumption of a foreign liquid last night. Will be back on the bike sometime this morning and the plan for the ride will clear the body of everything bad very quickly. That could include breakfast at the side of the road if the workout goes to plan.

Heather is nice enough to let me choose how I would like to suffer. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. I look at the list of choices and they all hurt. The shorter intervals just have more repeats, the longer intervals are just long. Of course I know where my weakness are and what I should be doing. It hurts.

I'll admit that I'm not a great climber. Let me rephrase that I suck at those medium length climbs while going full speed. Always focusing on endurance I basically find my rhythm at the bottom of the hill and stay there. The problem with that is it's the same pace that I would use on long climbs. Steady steady steady. This works great for the 8 hour races etc but I would like to pick things up a little in the Ontario Cup events. That said I'm planning on beating the crap out of myself on the hills today. It's just figuring out which hill is pretty and scenic enough to continually go up and down it a few times. I'm still trying to find one that happens to have a Starbucks at the mid way point.

Time is a wasting, time to see where I'm at. Have to make sure I save a little leg for tomorrow's pancake ride with the crew. I think it's a gang up on a certain Norco factory rider for the town line sprints.

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