Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's not about a bike, today

Probably get sued and support some super rich road cyclist now, there is only rich cyclist I think. Yesterday felt like the longest day ever now that I'm on my couch drinking coffee at 6:30 am.

It was the official move day for Mom. It also happened to be her birthday. Yes, I had remembered. The weather for a move couldn't have been better, it was going to take a while so might as well make it enjoyable. Things didn't start right at the crack of down though, there was no point. This house was as packed as it could be and the movers were not rolling in till the noon hour. There is always that delay of getting the keys to the house and Mom was being prepared for it. She worked for the same law firm that was dealing with her closing and she also used to do all this type of stuff so she knew the drill all to well.

Loading the first round went smooth, a few trip in the cars as the truck was being filled. It was a little strange wandering through the house now that it was becoming empty. Had a little bit of emotion run through the body. Checking out my old bedroom that for the past 15 years really didn't me much until now, it is no longer the old bedroom, it's someone's new bedroom. The reality started to sink in.

The fun began a couple hours later. I get the call from Mom that the new owners and her movers have shown up. Her movers are pretty much packed but yet still no key for her new place. The lawyers, just happens to be her friends, let her know that it could be anytime so I was Midland bound to sit patiently (yes I can do that) the waiting room of the lawyers. Chatted with a few of Mom's friends and final at 5 to 5 things finally closed. It's typical Murphy's law. Everyone's went quick and smooth and the one that they tried to speed up a little (Mom's) took the longest. Of course the whole time Mom was in a little stress mode. A few phone updates kept it bearable. The biggest thing was she didn't really want to meet the new owners. It's not that they are bad people but it's more the history of the house, it's the house my Dad built.

Things started to smooth themselves out. Key in hand she now had the fun of deciding where things were going as the movers and I went back for round two. This gave me a chance to meet the new owner and answered a few questions about the house to her family. I laid a guilt filled plea to her to take car of the place. She seemed nice and energetic. She will need to be to keep that house to a certain standard.

Finally back at the new house I was able to crack open a beer, no more driving. I live a block and a bit away. As the clock ticked away so did the layers of boxes and furniture in the back of the truck. Seeing that back wall brought some smiles to everyone including the movers. A thought on movers. These guys were down right amazing. Efficient, organized, respectful etc etc. I dealt with a crew when I did my move a year ago. The crew that moved my house were younger, bigger and there were three of them and the two gentlemen that moved Mom yesterday put the young guys to shame. Anyone looking for movers in the Simcoe County area let me know and I'll pass on their name.

Back to the house, Mom cracked open one of her birthday presents. A little bit of wine sees to fuel you when the energy is dropping. Might consider trying that during the next 24 hour. Hmmm, crashing might not hurt as much. There is lots to do today, she has two extra sets of hands their to help her. I'm back in the orange crate working today. The office may be closed for another day but there is service to be done.

The house that Dad built, going to miss it but this change is for the best. I was hoping to see the house completely empty but the timing with the new owners didn't allow it. She better keep the house looking nice, I know where she lives!!!!

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