Thursday, March 4, 2010

Repeated behaviour

I couldn't resist, I saw the plan for the day and I didn't like it. Call the abuser for a few alternatives, liked what I heard and changed accordingly. There was no way I was going to stay on the vomit machine, in that small room, that 10 x 10 cell when the sun was out, the roads were clear. I'm a free man, there was no crime committed, I'm riding outside. Of course I did bring the TCR with me. Is that a crime? Maybe, but only if I stole the bike.

Simulating hills on the trainer is not fun, increases with wattage etc etc. but there is still nothing like the visual of that long grind a head of you. Mentally you can't get that on the trainer. After a 30 minute spin on relatively level roads I made that right turn. Moonstone road was the first of many. A good steady 5 minute low cadence climb. The pay off was the rip down the hill beside the ski resort. Of course that meant going back up. That was the agenda for the day. Get in as much low cadence grind climbing in as I can. Well in the two hours I was out I squeezed in just under 2000 feet. Take away the 30 minute warm up and 15 minute cool down. I love this area.

Roads were in great shape and though some have mentioned the salt, we have more use of sand in this area, only on the major roads is it used. That said the only places to be concerned are intersections where there is enough sand laid that some beaches would be jealous.

A little tweaking on the fit and I'm finding the bike even more comfortable. This bike is amazing. I had to remind myself to watch he corners. The bike wants to dive bomb into the apex of the corner and I have to slow it down. Those images of everything going bad and me attempting to slide in to second base across the sandy road have come up once or twice.

Could the trainer be done for the season, are the skis and snowshoes ready to collect dust? Is it all rainbows and butterflies??? To counter jinx the whole comment I have: not put my snowblower away, not put my cross bike back to good condition (still in winter mode with the setup) not put away any of my cold weather gear, not put away my new chemical hand warmers. To top it off, my other road bike is still mounted on the hamster wheel of death ready to go. The rollers are still setup right beside it and one of the Anthem's still has slicks on it to ride on those mentioned rollers.

Hmmm Sun is coming up, I wonder what I may do tonight?? Later

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Dr. Watson said...

I used to read your blog and Watson's blog. Yours has gotten better, while his has gotten worse. Your blog is happy and optimistic, Watson's is like the great depression. Your blog is like a cold beer, and Watsons is like a warm cup of piss.

p.s. SWEET looking Giant road bike.