Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saving our energy for bigger and better things

After a pretty productive day around the house, shop, life I made my way south to meet up with the MNS crew for the usual stomp in the bush. The Molly Monster was full recovered and ready to go, me well I was a little mellow. I wasn't alone.

The pace was, well, erratic. Deathmarch Liz somehow began having snowshoe mechanical. How?? After the 3rd time of (I think she didn't actually fix the problem the 1st time) the pace went to a snail's pace and then eventually a rock. We found ourselves very close to where the cars were and a glance at the watch. We've only been out for 20 minutes!!! That's it??? We started to blame everyone who was not there and then stood still watching the clock killing time before making our ways back to the car.

This is probably a good thing, my planning for the season has all come together. I was giving myself till the bike show to decide on what I was going to do for June and after that one random email and a few phone texts everything was confirmed last night in person. I'll be at Solstice this year racing tag team with Tristan Spurr.

I've been itching at doing tag again for a good year. I've had a couple 3rd places with my brother in law a few years back. I'm a different rider now, faster, lighter, stronger. Did I just steal the Olympics trademark?? Trying to get someone at the same level or faster to do this has been hard since most of those people are pretty focused on the Ontario/ Canada Cup events and I'll be honest tag is very tough. So to fill in the blanks, it was Tristan's idea, I just didn't try and talk him out of it.

SO with the first 24 hour figured out that fill in the options for the second one. I'll be doing Hot August Nights solo. I've always found the course a little more technical and usually more steady climbing with suits my riding style. There is a lot more time in the dark also which means I'll be getting some good quality time with my lights as I try and burn a mark on the trails.

Weather is looking up for this week, lots of sun, lots of above freezing temperatures, lots of clear roads. I wonder how life in South Carolina is right now? I've heard that it might be snowing there.

Time to work, hoping to roll in early enough to ride outside tonight.

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