Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know I shouldn't

So I'm actually kinda proud of myself. I've have the new wheels for almost one full week and I had yet to really touch it. Didn't put it on the trainer or rollers, just had it sit in the dinning room in a position that I could see it from the couch. Well it had to end, a bike needs to be ridden.

A half way bike fit followed by putting two bottles in the cages and I headed out for the inaugural ride. Why was there such a delay in taking the beast out for a rip. I'll blame the roads but after a couple days of sun and above the freezing mark things seemed to clear up enough that I felt I wasn't doing some sort of sacrificial ceremony.

I did have a bigger reason for the ride, needed to see if there are any components that I want to change out and with the bike show coming. I mixed in the training requirements also. Headed out Quarry road and made for the concessions. Right off the bat I could feel how fast and smooth this bike is. Being on roads I know have this little resonation to them, let me rephrase that on this back they used to have a resonation. The wonderful world of carbon eliminated it.

Some zigging and zagging kept the bike pretty clean, took care of the coach's requests, enjoyed not being on the trainer. SO I love this bike. made my way to some short climbs and played a little bit. Standing this thing puts every ounce of power to the road, wait it did that sitting also. Handling is quick, compared to my older Giant it's night and day. If I have any complaints it will be the seat. I'll be looking to change it out. The only other consideration is to a set of wing bars and that is just to personal feel.

1:45 on the road and 51 kms had me coming back into the house. Yes that is just under 30 km/h average, in these conditions and the intensity that I was riding at I'll blame the bike for being that quick. The legs were feeling pretty good though. Looks like I'll be on the hamster wheel tonight so I'll be thinking about yesterday's ride as I pedal to no where.

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Anonymous said...

Resist the urge. Even though they look clean and dry, the roads are still covered in powdered crap waiting to destroy your components. We see way too many bikes come in for service in the spring that are fucked from road salt. Even here in Toronto the beater bike will be out until the roads are rinsed clean by rain in late march.