Friday, March 12, 2010

As cruel as bambo under the nails

When I left you things were all rainbows and butterflies and the thoughts of summer were upon us. Who would have thought that summer would show up the next day. What are the chances that summer and a scheduled rest day would show up at the same time? What are the chances that I happen to take that day of to work around the shop on the day that summer shows? Believe me I was not impressed.

I did manage to stay off the bike though, it took every ounce of strength and discipline that even a monk would have been impressed. Many tasks were finished including cutting a hole in the wall of the shop. It's always fun being destructive and the bigger the hole the more fun it becomes. I did show a little self restraint while doing this and opted for the electric sawsal instead of my big gas powered chainsaw. See, control.

With the weekend coming quickly and the reality of Mom moving coming into vision a little destruction is a good thing. The shop is one step closer to being done. It's been a bit of a slow process in the beginning but now it's nice to see the final stages in sight. I've been modifying, rebuilding and repairing what at one time was a two bedroom house into what eventually will be the home office/shop for my company. Taking out walls that really don't need to be there and putting up walls in a better place. The inside is almost done, the outside, I'm just waiting for the snow to melt for the board and batten to go on. My rest days are always filled with other things to do.

I did lie though and was on my bike for a few minutes. Thanks to Jeremy for another great bike fit. I may have also scored another component needed for the pimping of the TCR. Of course the weekend is here and the rain, wind and clouds have shown up. Well at least it's daylight savings time this weekend. I'm looking forward to riding till dark and it not be 6 pm.

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