Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I was just riding along when

So I half way dogged it yesterday and took the day off work, sorta. I did work and I did do company time work as I spent most of the day siding the shop. Things are coming along nicely considering what I had to start with.

Old building and nothing was square etc etc. This was where it was at before I started. Inside there is new hydro line, new walls, company style setup. Outside, has seen the new steel roof, door etc. Still looked pretty rough outside.

The change is coming. It will eventually be board and batten. Have not figured out the colour for the outside yet since I may be painting the house also. One step at a time. Lots to do before paint. It's looking a little Uncle Tom's cabin right now. I heard banjo's a couple times.

Ok so back tot the biking side of my crazy little world. It was a short work out, stomps to build power. I have this short hill that is on a very quiet road that I like to do these on. After a great warm up, great because I was wearing only shorts and a jersey and open finger gloves for the first time this year, I love the warmth. I made my way towards the hill.

Nothing to exciting in the workout, 5 repeats 5 sets, 5 minutes rest between sets. The first four sets went fine. Same routine etc. Now the lead up to all the things going bad was this. Have you ever noticed that you always turn around in the same direction. Always to the left. Look over your left shoulder to make sure it's clear then lean left'. I know you are on the right side of the road and by law that is what you are supposed to do. Apparently in life you are also supposed to rock the boat, step outside the box, voice and opinion and rebel from time to time. Well that is what I started to do.

So I would still look over my left shoulder, I'm brave but not stupid, then I would proceed to swing wide to the left followed by the 180 degree turn to the right. I know it doesn't sound complicated but something like that seems to crash out all the Nascar drivers so I'm very proud of myself. So I did this randomly after an interval or during a recovery session, not to improve my technical riding, obviously it doesn't but more to keep me amused. So this is when it started to go bad.

Last set, 1, 2, 3 repeats done at the top of the 4th one I do the anti Nascar turn, next thing you know I'm on the ground. I'm a little stunned at first, it was the holly shit what happened type stunned. Then it was the did anybody see this happen thought closely behind. The wonderful part of early spring riding is sand. Lots and lots of sand. They like sand here more than salt. The road I was riding on was that old pavement that is faded to a really light colour of, well sand colour of course.

I wasn't going fast, just a little more than not moving speed but the combination of that, a slight banking of the bike and full slicks on just the smallest patch of sand that I didn't see led me the ground. There was no forward motion just a straight down thump. The bike is fine, a small scratch on the shift lever, as for me, well. I came down hard on my ass, which doesn't have much in the line of padding anymore, hip and then my right shoulder. To say I'm sore would be an understatement.

I apologize now for the horribly graphic photo of part of my ass. Please don't send any hate mail and don't let your children see this as they may be scared for life.

I've had worst road rash but this seems to hurt a little more because the fact I wasn't moving forward. You can see all the brusing that is showing up already on my side. I opted not to show the whole thing in fear that I would be linked to porn sites instead of cycling. That'll teach ya for not following the rules, they are there for a reason, there will be no anarchy while following the coaches orders. I may be breaking my no drugs except during races rule along with my plan to ride in some single track tonight. We will see how the body feels in a few hours.