Sunday, March 14, 2010

The day was long

But much was done. The official move Mom day is almost here, this had my agenda for the day always returning to her place through out the day. My have fun, ride as hard as you want with a couple blasts of full speed went really well. Attacked a couple hills full out and saw the return of my heart rate. It's felt like forever, forever being a week, since I've seen things that high for that long.

Being on the hardtail gave me a few options and I wandered off road a few times and even included some curb jumping just, well just because. As I finished up my ride I ran into our former v.p. of the Mountainview club. Greg has been involved with a separate club for the last few years. Great group of guys who ride to just ride. Actually I think they ride so they can justify the beer they consume after the rides. They also do lots of non profit charity group rides. Check out their stuff here!

There were a few interesting looks at the truck rental place, as expected. Truck dropped off, training done and thing to be moved but all this was after a treat for me. Hitting up the local greasy spoon restaurant. I haven't gone out for a good/bad breakfast in a while and went full bore with the hungry man special. Like bike shops it seems that everyone solves the world problems in these small restaurants.

Back at Mom's it was round one of loading. Things went quickly, maybe we felt it did. The real movers show up Monday for the big stuff. Either way we managed to get everything done in one day. That leads me to today. It's currently raining and windy. I'm also recovering from daylight savings time. Like a good beer bender daylight savings time always leads to good memories but that initial hangover of one less sleep always hurts. There was an option for a group ride but with the time change and my current energy level there isn't a chance in hell that I can be dresses, feed, packed, etc and make it there in 20 minutes. The drive alone is 20 minutes. I'm going to suck back a bit more coffee before siding on where to play today.

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